AlarmSense 2 Wire Fire Alarm Kits

New additions to our range of fire alarm kits, now include; 2, 4; and 8 zone AlarmSense fire alarm kits.

Each of these two wire fire alarm kits includes, as standard, a C-Tec AlarmSense panel.

The C-Tec panels are very reliable and they utilize different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, allowing for the AlarmSense components to be joined up to the same pair of supply wires.

This alone can cut installation time by around 20-25%, when compared to the time taken to install a standard four wire system.

All of these kits also feature the Apollo AlarmSense optical smoke detectors, which have the sounder bases, as well as the A1R rate of rise heat detectors, which have the visual indicator sounder bases.

As well as the above mentioned items, also included are a couple of call points, and a couple of batteries; making up the ideal components to carry out your fire alarm installation, without any issues.

If any extra devices are required, in addition to what is supplied in each fire alarm kit, we have all these items available individually, to buy online through this website.

Please click here to view all of these kits online, with full details of what’s supplied in each one