Univolt SLQ50/170 Square Dado Trunking 3Mtr

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Part No: SLQ50/170

3 compartment square dado trunking supplied in 3 metre lengths.

Profile Size: 50 x 170mm.

The Starline range is made from a PVC non-flame material in a white (RAL 9010) colour, and complies with EN 50085, BS 4678 Part 4.

Dado trunking has been produced for use in any office; and the main purpose of using this type of product, is so that you can easily have a number of different sockets, and data outlets, throughout your office, without the need for cutting holes in walls, and having to run power and data cables behind walls; to then have to fix the sockets inside the actual walls.

The reason you don't have to cut out holes in walls, is because this type of trunking can easily be fixed surface to many types of walls, and it's separate inside compartments, means that you can easily separate different cables, and run these cables inside the different trunking sections, which will be hidden from view, once the plastic front cover lid has been put on.

With a range of different socket boxes, and angles, you can easily adapt this type of system to suit your office requirements.

Please note that the profile on this 3 compartment trunking is square top and square bottom.

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