Insinkerator 77969 Model 46 Food Waste Disposal Unit

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Part No: 77969

The Insinkerator 77969 is a domestic food waste disposal unit, which has been designed for use in smaller households.

This model 46 version, will grind different types of food waste, including fruit and vegetables left overs, into small particles, which is then passed on through your kitchen drainage system.

Having one of these Insinkerator kitchen food waste disposal units, installed in your kitchen, cuts down on the trips to the bin, to dispose of food waste, which can result in nasty odours from your bin, which depending on where your bin is situated, can be quite unpleasant, especially in the summer months.

The Insinkerator model 46 waste disposal unit has permanently lubricated upper and lower bearings, and features quiet sound reduction technology.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Continuous feed
  • Single phase motor (.55hp)
  • Height: 319mm
  • Grind Chamber Capacity: 980ml
  • Grind Technology: 1 stage grind technology
  • Drain Connection: 1-1/2" (3.81cm)
  • Dishwasher drain connection
  • Average Water Usage: Roughly 4 litres per person, each day
  • Average Electrical Usage: 3-4 kWh per annum
  • Time Rating: Intermittent
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • 2 year parts & labour warranty
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