MeacoDry Arete One 12 Litre Combined Dehumidifier And Air Purifier In White

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Part No: Arete One 12 Litre

The MeacoDry Arete One 12 litre combined dehumidifier and air purifier, from the Meaco Arete range, is one of the most energy efficient dehumidifiers out there, that can benefit your home, by tackling issues with condensation, damp, and mould issues, especially if your regularly leaving washing to dry inside your house in the winter months, where the moisture from your clothes has no where to go.

The MeacoDry Arete One, was produced by 5 years of dedicated design, by a British team, where attention to detail, was carried out, from start to finish, with the end result being Meaco's most quite and energy efficient dehumidifier range yet.

The MeacoDry Arete One, 12 lite dehumidifier and air purifier, is the perfect choice for tackling damp, condensation and mould issues in your home, garage, basement room, caravan or boat.

These dehumidifiers also come with a laundry mode, which can help, with drying clothes, if your leaving washing to dry inside your home.

If you need a continuous drainage option, there is an adapter included, which can be connected to a standard garden hose.


  • Colour: White
  • Ideal for houses and flats up to 3 bedrooms
  • Power Supply: 220-240 volts (50Hz)
  • Tank Size: 2.5 litres
  • Power Consumption at 20 degrees C and 60%rh: 151 watts
  • Maximum Air Flow On Low Fan Speed: 80m3 per hour
  • Maximum Air Flow On High Fan Speed: 100m3 per hour
  • Rough Electricity Cost: 4p per hour (based on a cost of 27.35p /kwh
  • Noise Level: Between 38-40dB(A)
  • Operating Temperatures: 5 degrees C to 35 degrees C
  • Filter Type: Washable dust filter and optional HEPA filter and charcoal filter
  • Laundry mode
  • Digital Display
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Auto restart
  • Child lock
  • Height: 472mm
  • Width: 319mm
  • Depth: 237mm
  • Weight: 10.9kgs
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Room Size: 50m2
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