Consort Claudgen SLREC Receiver Unit

Part No: SLREC

The SLREC receiver unit allows certain heaters from Consort to be controlled by wireless control, by using one of their SL controllers.

When the receiver unit is installed; the SL controller that is being used with this, expands the control options of the heating to have temperature and time control.


  • Can control up to 3kW
  • 13 amp / 250 volts maximum switching current
  • Each heater needs to be connected to an SLREC receiver unit in order for it to be controlled by one of the SL controllers
  • An SL controller can control multiple heaters

SL Controllers Which Are Available:

  • SLPB - run back timer and thermostat
  • SLVT - adjustable thermostat and run back timer
  • SLVTB - Battery operated adjustable thermostat and run back timer
  • SLTI - 7 day timer and thermostat
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